Before You Build

Stop to think before you build

Creating a new home is both an exciting and daunting undertaking.  Before you decide on the firm with whom you’ll work with, we suggest you consider the following.

  •     Go with your feelings – Determine if you will have genuine rapport with the builder.  You are about to enter into a long-term relationship which can only be made better if you’re sure they are the kind of people with whom you can collaborate.
  •    Size matters – Select a builder capable of executing the scale of home you want.  Review their portfolio, tour homes they’ve built and find out whether they offer the same level of service regardless of the home’s square footage.
  •     Find a good fit – Research, interview and select an architect, designer and other trades who fit your style and compliment your personality.
  •     Seek clarity – Make sure you understand all of the details in the paperwork before work begins.  Once your floor plans and elevations are confirmed, ask the builder to create a budget and schedule.  The person you want to work with should be able to express your expectations clearly and concisely to figures on paper.
  •     Check accreditation – Make sure your builder complies with all Ministry of Labour regulations and monitors all Workplace Safety and Insurance Bureau clearance certificates.  Be sure that your builder is registered with Tarion to ensure you have a warranty for your new home.