The Hallmark Commitment

Five Pillars of Hallmark’s Commitment to Exceed

“Hallmark’s philosophy demands us to approach each aspect of a project with the expectation that the highest standards be met and exceeds simple consideration of the home’s appearance.  The level of success ultimately achieved revolves entirely around exceeding the expectations of everyone involved.”
Anthony Mandalfino

1. Communication – Can you imagine embarking on a two-year relationship without a commitment to open communication?  Neither can we.  That’s why our entire team commits to involving our clients in every aspect of the creation of their home.  It’s also why we expect our clients and partners to willingly share their expectations.  Only by doing so can we mutually surpass every applicable standard of excellence.

2. Control – There is very little more unsettling to a client than sensing they’re not in control.  That’s why we deliver monthly budget updates, provide copies of all invoices, gain approval on any required changes before commencing to undertake them and why each of our site supervisors have at least 20 years of experience in custom home building.  Our clients regularly tell us that they genuinely feel a part of the intimate process required to create a truly satisfying outcome.

3. Collaboration – Each Hallmark project evolves from active collaboration between all involved – homeowner, architect, designer, trades and builders.  Our clients benefit from this unique process wherein they are given the opportunity to benefit from a full and transparent scheduling and budgeting process.  If clients wish, they will walk into a beautifully constructed home made of the finest materials, detailed with handsome particulars, one that has been furnished from top to bottom and elegantly landscaped with final touches.

4. Clarity – You should never experience that ‘left-in-the-dark’ sensation when living through your project.  Hallmark has developed an online budget tracking system which provides clients access to all of the financial aspects of the project.  For an example of how beneficial and simple this can be, click here.  And, it’s why we take extra pains to ensure we have a completely clear understanding of every one of your expectations.

5. Competence – Loyal to qualified craftsmen and good people, there has been no reason for Hallmark to adopt new philosophies or techniques along the way that compromise attention to detail.  Remarkably, Hallmark has never received a complaint in regards to the quality of its work.  By staying true to a vision that time-honoured building methods be used in each home, regardless of whether they are contemporary designs Hallmark’s work is proof that quality never goes out of style.  Despite a steadfast approach in using traditional materials, Hallmark’s vision is unlimited in terms of what can be achieved with each project.